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I help recovery centers and their teams reduce burnout and reach their highest level of impact.

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Let's talk about the elephant in the room - staff turnover.

The stats speak for themselves: Some reports say that annual turnover in the recovery industry is as high as 50%. If we do the math, that means 1 out of 2 people will not keep their job for more than a year! This wreaks havoc on the organization as a whole, and it reduces the effectiveness of the program.

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I believe that people are the program. If we focus on our people, the program will thrive.

More often than not, burnout is a result of us not taking care of ourselves. In the recovery industry, we are often too focused on taking care of other people and we lose sight of ourselves. We lose sight of our personal goals and the visions we once had. Burnout Consulting starts with the focus on each staff person as an individual. What does each person need? Where can they make changes to their life which will help them feel healthy and in turn inspired and enthusiastic about their work? 


Burnout also comes as a result of policies or structures inside the program that either aren't effective for the clients or they make the staff’s jobs even harder; or both. It’s important that we stop and address the parts of the program that are not a “win-win” for clients and the staff.

Expert Recovery Coach

Does this sound like you?

My clients are recovery centers and their teams who strive to be the best - not just run the best programs, but be the best individuals and leaders they can be. They want to invest in themselves, but they also want to make the most impact on the individuals they serve. My clients keep people above profits. They are on a mission to change lives, but maybe they have lost their way, they are tired. However, deep down, they yearn for the excitement and inspiration that got them started in their work to begin with. They know that they are doing what they have been called to do, and they believe in their abilities to help the people around them. 


My expertise is in long-term structured sober living programs, but I am experienced with just about any program that has a residential setting.

#1 Recovery Coach United States
Hire Sober Coach and Lifestyle Coach

Team Workshops for Recovery Centers:

My simple, yet effective workshops are designed to give recovery center teams useful tools to prevent burnout. We will focus on tools and techniques that make us more effective with the clients we serve. We will also focus on individual self-care and development so that we don’t forget about our own needs and goals!

Professional Recovery Expert


This is what my partners are saying about my consulting services.

Sober Coach, Lifestyle Coach
#1 Sober Coach in the United States

“Nick has been an incredible asset to our organization as a consultant. He brings years of experience working in the recovery arena to every discussion, but is also open to new ideas. He is perceptive. He asks wonderful questions to help clarify any issue I am thinking through. He cares deeply about our organization's success and best of all, he brings his own recovery journey into every conversation. I highly recommend him!”

Kathy Neal

Executive Director

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