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Certified Sober Coach, Recovery Specialist


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I help people in recovery get out of “maintaining” and into building the lifestyle they want.

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Coaching FAQs

What is lifestyle coaching?

First, let me talk about the problem.


For people who have recovered from addiction, there is this tendency to stick to the safe, secure plan. We want to be stable. We’re afraid of going back to the chaos of addiction. We’re even told that it could happen to us at any time. So we stick with the stable “maintenance” lifestyle.


The problem is, a lot of us have a calling that is tugging at us. A dream to fulfill.  And if we’re stuck in the “safe and secure” way of thinking, there is a tremendous amount of pain because we KNOW that our life could be so much more.


Lifestyle coaching makes room for us to create that life we REALLY want. And sometimes that process means taking risks, or better yet, going against the status quo. Coaching provides support and momentum to keep going towards our goals, in order to make our own path and let us flourish.

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How is coaching different from therapy or 12-step sponsorship?

I have had a lot of experience with both therapy and sponsorship over the course of my recovery, but when I was introduced to coaching, it fundamentally changed my life. This is not to say coaching is better or more effective than those other forms of support. In fact, I think all three are a great combination. It’s just that at a certain point in my life and recovery, I was looking for more. Therapy helps to process things of the past, sponsorship helps to stay sober one day at a time. Coaching does both and neither at the same time! Coaching acknowledges the past but focuses on the present and the future. Through consistent constructive conversations, it helps build the life that we are inspired to live- and in that space, addiction has no room to grow. At least this has been the case for me and many others.

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Do you personally have a coach?

Absolutely. His name is Erik and he lives in S Florida. We meet via video chat weekly and I sincerely look forward to each call!

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Who is your typical client?

My clients are not “typical.” In fact, they usually reject the idea of being typical, just like I do. But generally speaking, my clients are people who have recovered from addiction, they have reached a stable lifestyle, and they are looking for more. They are searching for a lifestyle that taps into their callings/purpose and makes them feel truly alive. They don’t subscribe to the idea of “settling” or “mediocrity.” They want/need change and evolution in their lives.

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What does working with you look like?

On a basic level, we have consistent, constructive conversations that are life-altering. The conversations are used to promote insight and inspiration. We work together to create the lifestyle that you know is available to you, but one that you haven’t been able to completely materialize yet.


We will build on the things that are already working in your life and explore removing some things if they don’t serve you anymore. We meet regularly which builds momentum and creates a level of accountability. More importantly, we build a relationship that supports you into the next chapter of your life, whatever that is. Depending on where we are in the world, we might meet in person, over video chat, or meet in some inspiring location in the middle!

I believe that every person who has gone through addiction has survived for a reason. If you don’t know what that reason is yet, my goal is to help you find it.

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